CONNECTED Learning at Central School

What is CONNECTED?  

CONNECTED is Wilmette District 39’s strategic plan to take our students, educators, and community into the 21st Century. CONNECTED weaves together eight components of 21st Century Learning we believe are critical to the development and success of our students in the 21st Century. The success of CONNECTED emphasizes the need of our students, educators, and community to work together in developing the whole child.

The CONNECTED plan was a result of a two-year study on 21st Century Learning conducted by the CRC. In 2008-2009 the CRC report focused on the benefits and importance of 21st Century Learning, and identified eight primary areas of focus. These areas were then used by the 2009-2010 CRC as the foundation for District 39’s Five Year Strategic Plan. The plan was designed using the 21st Century Learning research, and direct input from the district’s educators and parent community. The term CONNECTED has come to represent 21st Century Learning with District 39.

Together we are:

Committed to our Core subjects

cWe are committed to our new science CORE curriculum.
Opening minds to a Global Perspective

We are OPENING OUR MINDS to dances from Mexico.
Nurturing the Characteristics of Successful Learners

As part of our first grade social studies curriculum, students learning about our Wilmette community and the different types of people who live and work in Wilmette. Our social studies curriculum includes the following skills.  Learning about children and families in the neighborhood. Students are working on identifying the common needs of children, families, and a neighborhood community. Also, identifying different kinds of neighborhood communities and how they change.  Lastly, recognizing the roles of leaders, workers, and services in the neighborhood community. 
Nourishing a sense of Social Responsibility

This is the Golden Poptab Award.  We got this award for collecting the most poptabs for the month.  The money from these poptabs goes to the Ronald McDonald House.
Empowering Communication Skills

Kindergartners are empowering their communication skills by using sign language in their Music and Movement class.E
Cultivated Collaboration

First graders are COLLABORATING to pass the marble along the ramp.
Transforming Technology into a continuous knowledge tool

4th Grade Rivers Research presentation on a SmartBoardT
Evolving our Teaching styles, learning process and environment

We are evolving our learning process by using inquiry to test how air affects these parachutes.
Developing students of tomorrow

Developing students of tomorrow by teaching them about the past.
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